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Shrink Wrapping Machine


Shrink Wrapping Machine

 Shrink Wrapping Machines

Acclaimed for our quality and reliability, we offer a wide range of shrink wrapping machines. These shrink wrapping machines are built for long life variable functions for wrapping, stretching and overlapping and are suitable for pilfer proof, tamper evident all round packing for unit as well as bulk packaging. These machines have variable speed conveyer drive and electronic temperature controller provides excellent shrink packaging. Neck bending and shrink labeling facilities are also available.

They are the most sophisticated & economical way to pack & protect every product and keep each product safe from dust, water & scratches. Affordable, sturdy and easy to use, these machines are also capable of different kinds of reel wrapping like laminated film, aluminum foil reel and automobile tyre rim. Owing to their long working life, these machines find their applications in different industries like textile, foundry, engineering industries, chemical industries, pharmaceutical, paper mills, etc.


Features :


Industrial grade heat resistant epoxy paint for long life


Pneumatic pusher for ease of operation


Side guides (optional) for no base


Temperature Controller for no perfect sealing


Heavy duty sealing arm with industrial cutting blade sandwiched between twin sealing elements.


Pneumatic up & down movement of sealing jaw for perfect & accurate seal and cut.


Double reel sleeve wrapping with motorized top & bottom roll unwinding.

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